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17. Your favourite song: i don’t really have a favourite song, there’s too many to choose from with different feels but i’ll name a few off the top of my head: Letlive. - H. Ledger, Single Mothers - Nice Dresses, Have Heart - No Roses, No Skies, Tigers Jaw - Hum, Cerce - How To Be a Woman, The Chariot - Evan Perks 
21. The first five songs on your ipod on shuffle: Shai Hulud - The Mean Spirits, Breathing, ‘68 - Track 8 O, Tigers Jaw - Return, Worthwhile - Melody, Save Me, Tigers Jaw - Arms Across America 
36. The song you’ve listened to the most: Letlive. - Homeless Jazz 179 times 

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when yr trying to yell something to yr mom while shes in another room but shes too far away to hear u and u dont wanna get up and go find her


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Day 2 - Neighbors

"letting myself go
broken friendships
away from home
and i’m fucking around

burn myself to the ground”

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You are the leaves at my feet
You are the hum of electric heat
I kept myself away,
But I’m starting to like the pain

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I want to be your stepping stone 
It’s alright, i think it’s cool 
Everybody somebody’s fool 
I don’t want to be alone 
I want to be your stepping stone

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